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Because cooking is about food, but it’s also about so much more.


Our Story

Where It All Begins

I just walk into a kitchen and know when something is done, or needs 5 more minutes in the oven or needs to be tossed! I don’t have recipes… I cook by taste, texture, consistency, smell and looks ~ it’s a pinch of this, a squeeze of that and a smidge of something else all held together with a bit of insanity.

I love recreating meals for people that takes them back to their childhood….two of the best compliments came from clients who literally had tears in their eyes because they were able to close their eyes and were in their mother’s kitchen

I grew up on the farm with 4 boys, mom and dad….being the only girl I had to cook…there was no option….I just happen to love it!

I’m happiest in the kitchen creating new things and putting my own twist on recipes. I thrive on the insanity of it all and am exhausted and thrilled upon crushing a mad dinner rush in the kitchen. I’m not professionally trained, but trained by the school of hard knocks at home.

I live by my personal motto….”If you don’t go crazy once in a while, you’ll go insane” ~ Tracey Sawchuk

In the Spotlight

We Support Mesquite

& Our Local Community

We believe in supporting and feeding our local community!


What We Offer

Daily Fresh Made

Fresh meals and dishes made every day, from scratch. Just like home.

Fresh Ingredients

Great food starts with great ingredients and that is why we take special care to use only the freshest available!

Tasty Meals

Did we mention we love to make great food? Making sure you enjoy great home cooking is our top priority!

A Creative Chef

Creating traditional food doesn’t mean you can add a fun twist! Tracey loves to add new spins on classic dishes!

Authentic Cuisine

Nothing prepares you for making authentic home cooking like years of experience cooking from home!

Great Conversation

Great food brings us all together. The good times and laughs at the table are on the house!


What People are Saying

“It was Awesome”

"They catered White Rock/Lake Pointe luncheon last Saturday and it was awesome. Wonderful roasted veggies cooked to perfection. Roast chicken. They had Gluten free cake there that was awesome. I hope they caterer next years event. Everyone at our table loved the food."

Brenda R.

“Best Food in Mesquite”

"Best food in Mesquite! Love this restaurant!"

Lauren B.

“Delicious Home Cooking”

"Delicious home cooking! And their new Caprese Salad did not disappoint. The ladies who work here are so sweet too. Love this place!"

Casey P.

“Another wonderful experience”

"Tastebud Temptations is definitely a favorite of mine!! I love their fried green tomatoes (Tracey always spoils me with fresh, hot, yummy ones). The French fries, the sandwiches, the talipia, the chicken fried steak- I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t very very good. If you’ve never had her Christmas Crack Crackers you’re really missing something - that’s for sure."

Helen E


"Sunday brunch for this Mother’s Day was absolutely the BOMB. And BOMB is good. Guy from Diners, Drive-Inn and Dives should give them a visit. Every dish was fabulous. If you ain’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a real treat. It’s not a large place, not a chain but darn it has great food. Tracey, you might just have to reserve me a private table!"

CE Plachy

Hours of Operation

11:00am – 2:00pm


5 - 9 PM



Valentine's Dinner

Easter Brunch

Mother's Day Buffet

Father's Day Buffet

Thanksgiving Buffet


Restaurant is Closed - Catering Available

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